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How much will my kitchen cost?

Cabinets vary with a wide range of prices. Stock cabinets are less expensive than a line that comes with upgraded finishes and more storage options. CSD Kitchen maintains a cabinet option list that fits everyone's taste but more importantly, everyone's budget.

How long will I wait to receive my cabinets?

The lead time for your cabinet purchase will vary depending on the manufacturer of your cabinetry. The lead time varies from as early as 7-10 business days up to 4-6 weeks.

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How much does it cost for an estimate or measurement consultation?

CSD Kitchen does not charge for an estimate. A CSD staff member will come out to your home to do a measurement at your request for free within a 50 mile radius of Brick, NJ. If you live outside of the area, call to ask for cost.

What's the difference between a manufactured cabinet and a custom cabinet?

The lines between these two categories recently have blurred. Custom cabinetry was once considered to be only made by a local cabinet maker and built to any size that you may require. Whereas manufactured cabinetry was built in only certain sizes and didn't maintain any flexibility in color or size. Today, many manufactured lines also maintain a semi-custom or custom line, that allows more flexibility in the two categories, if not complete flexibility.

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